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Universal Interpreters and Translators (UIT) provides the critical connection that allows Government and Non-Government organizations and private businesses to communicate with limited English-speaking customers, patients, stakeholders and others whenever and wherever language barriers arise. When the need is for timely access to skilled, professional and qualified interpreters and translators, they rely on UIT.

We take pride in being able to provide accurate, cost-effective and confidential language solutions across such wide range of disciplines.
  • Healthcare medically qualified interpreters for hospitals and private practitioners at all levels.
  • Federal and State Government Services Attorney General Department, Legal Aid, social services, public health, courts and corrections centres , job training, education, labour and more.
  • Insurance sales, customer service, recorded statements, fraud investigation.
  • Financial Services from basic banking to investments and portfolio management.
  • Telecommunications customer support for telephone, Mobile and new services.
  • Utilitiescost-effective communication within local service areas for water, housing, local infrastructure.
  • Retailcustomers support in store as well as online.
  • Law: Tribunals, Local Courts, District Court and Federal Courts.
  • Police: detention, investigation and court appearances.
  • Immigration: Family, protection and skill migration.
  • Non-Government Organisations: Training, flyers, manuals, information dissemination, presentation, community meetings, workshops, research etc.
  • Media: presentation, literature analysis, materials for information disseminations, professional presenter in different languages,
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